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Masterclasses on literary curatorship

In the context of the international talent development program CELA, deBuren and Passa Porta are organizing a unique specialisation course on literary curatorship. In a series of 5 online Zoom masterclasses we are welcoming renowned speakers from the Belgian and Dutch literary field. After a presentation and in some cases an exercise, there will be time for questions and discussion.
Door deBuren op 26 apr 2020
Literatuur & taal
© Gaby Jongenelen Fotografie for CELA

The masterclasses:




For whom?


  • Participants of the CELA program
  • (Aspiring) literary curators and event planners in Belgium and the Netherlands



More info about the masterclasses, speakers and tickets

Organized by deBuren, Passa Porta, CELA and Creative Europe.

Price per workshop: €5 if you work for a literary organization | €0 for CELA-participants and freelance curators


We want to keep this program accessible for everyone. If your organization does not offer a compensation for your participation, please contact us via before 11/05/2021, and we will seek to reserve a ticket for you. 

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