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Brussels Explained

deBuren, Curieus and The Bulletin joined hands with journalist Selma Franssen to organise an English edition of Moeilijke Dingen Makkelijk Uitgelegd with a focus on Brussels.


(Nederlands: zie onderaan)


A selection from the array of podcasts


Where do all the exotic ring-necked parakeets in Brussels come from? Why is the scaffolding on the Palace of Justice still up? And how can we make Brussels more inclusive and accessible? You don’t have to lose any sleep over these questions any longer, Brussels Explained figured it out for you.

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deBuren, Curieus en The Bulletin organiseren samen met journalist Selma Franssen een Engelse editie van 'Moeilijke Dingen Makkelijk Uitgelegd', met de focus op Brussel. 

Organisation: deBuren, Curieus, The Bulletin, Selma Franssen and Yelena Schmitz.
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