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Looking Over the Wall: Sharing Stories Across Languages

Snug Harbor x CELA

After a hiatus, Brussels’s most intimate open stage is back! Snug Harbor is joining forces with CELA, the European talent development programme for writers and translators. Europe was once divided by a wall, and others have been pulled up since. Brussels could be divided by its many cultures and languages. We refuse to accept either cultural or linguistic boundaries as absolute. Together, we look over the wall. We share stories, poetry and other feats of beauty across languages.

Four authors from different parts of Europe, who write in major or minor languages, will build a programme for this evening during their specialisation course on literary curatorship: Mirt Komel (Slovenia), Ondřej Macl (Czech Republic), Adriana Murad Konings (Spain, living in the UK), Cristina Vremeș (Romania, living in France).  
And in good Snug Harbor tradition, we give lots of stage space to you, the audience. We welcome any text written by you or someone else, in any language or genre – anything you love and want to share! Send your name, the language you’ll be sharing in and (if you feel like it) the text to by 18 May. We will be in touch. 
Event in all the languages that offer themselves! We’ll use English, smoke signals and questionable pantomime to navigate between them. Please bear with us. It’s how we spread the love.

Deze avond is gratis. Voertaal is Engels, maar teksten in alle talen zijn welkom.

About Snug Harbor


Snug Harbor is a series of intimate, multilingual evenings in Brussels where people share texts they love in any and all languages, written by themselves or someone else. For an evening, we gather around the fire, share the beauty, and warm our souls. It’s how we stay lit the rest of the time.




About CELA


Since 2017 deBuren has been a member of Connecting Emerging Literary Artists (CELA), a European network that gives emerging literary talent the chance to refine their skills and develop a network. The only one of its kind in Europe, it brings together 30 emerging authors, 80  emerging translators and 6 emerging literary professionals to show the potential of literature to connect people, to offer a bigger opportunity to small languages and to drive change. Together the participants tackle some of the challenging realities of our age – from increasingly sharp divisions within Europe to a changing book publishing industry – and place them in perspective, share their work, and bridge the gaps between each other, the publishing industry and the European public.

© Gaby Jongenelen for CELA

Mirt Komel

Mirt Komel is philosopher and writer, working and writing between Nova Gorica and Ljubljana in Slovenia. Studied at the University of Ljubljana, obtained a Phd. in Philosophy in 2010 at the Department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Arts, now teaching at the Department of Cultural Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences. In 2006 he published a collection of dramas, Mestne drame, in 2008 a dramatic poem, Luciferjev padec (Lucifer's fall), a dramatic poem), in 2009 a literary-philosophical travelogue, Sarajevski dnevnik (Sarajevo's Diary), and then in 2011 another, Kahirske kaheksije (Cairo Caheksis). In 2015 he published his first novel with the Goga publishing house, Pianistov dotik (The Pianist’s Touch), and in 2018 his second one, Medsočje (Sontius Notes)–both were shortlisted for the prestigious Slovenian Kersnik award for literature.

© Gaby Jongenelen for CELA

Ondřej Macl

Ondřej Macl (1989, Hradec Králové) is a Czech writer and performer.He debuted with the book Miluji svou babičku víc než mladé dívky (I Love My Grandmother More Than Young Girls) (Dauphin, 2017), for which he received the Jiří Orten Award. This was followed by a collection of feminist poetry, K čemu jste na světě (What for are you in theworld) (Petr Štengl, 2018) and a novel-reportage, Výprava na ohňostroj, aneb o Evropské uniia mladých lidech (The Firework Expedition, or about the European Union and Young People) (Petr Štengl, 2019).

© Gaby Jongenelen for CELA

Adriana Murad

Since 2013, Adriana Murad Konings has been a student at Escuela de Escritores de Madrid, where she took part in the Creative Writing Masters (2015-2017). In addition, in June 2019 she graduated in General and Comparative Literature at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. During her studies, she focused on researching postmodernism and the contemporary short story, and she was awarded a Distinction for her final dissertation ‘Narrative Minimalist Fiction and Literary Postmodernism: Silent Continuities and Discontinuities’.

© Ștefan Mihalachi

Cristina Vremeș

Born in 1986 in Bucharest, Cristina Vremeș now lives in Paris, where she writes and works as an art docent. She has published her first novel, The Trilogy of the Wandering Sex at Humanitas, a major Romanian publishing house, and was educated at UCL and Cambridge University, reading Philosophy and Art History. Currently, she is working on her second novel, Pomegranate, that focuses on femininity, loss and reconstruction of personal identity, anxiety and polyphonic constitution of inner life.

Partners: deBuren, Passa Porta, Snug Harbor, Muntpunt, CELA, Creative Europe
Literatuur & taal

donderdag 20 mei 2021

20:00 - 22:00

Via Zoom, ONLINE

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