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Brussels Explained | On health insurance funds, the secret live of urban foxes and female nudity in art museums after #metoo

With Hildegard Frimpong, Olivier Beck and Ciska Hoet

How do Belgian health insurance funds work? Why are there so many foxes in Brussels? And what to do with female nudity in art museums after #metoo?

deBuren, Curieus and The Bulletin joined hands with journalist Selma Franssen to organize an English edition of ´Moeilijke Dingen Makkelijk Uitgelegd´ with a focus on Brussels. Brussels Explained is an eye-opening and interactive evening in English that aims to help us better understand the city in which we live. Five experts will deliver a 10-minute presentation on a different aspect of city life - followed by a short talk with journalist Selma Franssen and plenty of opportunity for questions and answers.


During this edition paralegal Hildegard Frimpong will explain everything you need to know about Belgian health insurance funds. Olivier Beck (Leefmilieu Brussel) will talk about the secret life of foxes in Brussels. And Ciska Hoet (co-director RoSa) will close the evening with a presentation on female nudity in art museums after #metoo.


Do you have a question for Hildegard Frimpong, Olivier Beck or Ciska Hoet? Pose your question in advance via or live on Facebook chat.


deBuren, Curieus en The Bulletin organiseren samen met journalist Selma Franssen een Engelse editie van 'Moeilijke Dingen Makkelijk Uitgelegd', met een focus op Brussel. Tijdens deze editie legt Hildegard Frimpong (Expert Ziekte en Invaliditeitsverzekering) uit hoe een mutualiteit precies werkt en bioloog Olivier Beck vertelt over het geheime leven van stadsvossen in Brussel. Ciska Hoet (co-directeur RoSa) legt uit hoe het nu precies zit met al dat vrouwelijk naakt in Brusselse musea na #metoo.

Free of charge, on Facebook Live via deBuren, Curieus, The Bulletin and Moeilijke Dingen Makkelijk Uitgelegd. For those people who don´t use social media: check our podcast Moeilijke Dingen Makkelijk Uitgelegd and listen to the explainers of Brussels Explained (via Spotify, Apple Podcast or Soundcloud).

Hildegard Frimpong

Hildegard Frimpong works as a paralegal. She works together with the health insurance funds and their respective national unions, to insure an optimal service to the members of those health insurance funds. She specializes in the international aspect of healthcare, for example to give advice on health insurance issues when people want to move to another country.

Olivier Beck

Olivier Beck works as a biologist at Leefmilieu Brussel | Environnement Brussels, the administration of the Brussels-Capital Region responsible for environment, energy, climate and animal welfare. For over twenty years he has been responsible for the species-oriented policy, which includes the monitoring and management of fauna and flora.

Ciska Hoet

Ciska Hoet is co-director of RoSa, a knowledge centre for gender and feminism in Brussels. She is one of the core editors of Ecetera and a cultural journalist at De Morgen. She is also active in the citizen movement ‘Hart Boven Hard’. Until 2016 she worked as a journalist and coordinator at She studied Language and Literature and Theater Studies.

Organization: Curieus, Selma Franssen, deBuren and The Bulletin
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