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The voice of a new generation

Jong literair talent uit Europa stelt zich aan je voor

Via CELA (Connecting Emerging Literary Artists) brengen deBuren, Passa Porta en enkele internationale partners de eerste helft van januari meer dan honderd schrijvers, vertalers en literaire professionals van over heel Europa samen. Na een intensieve week van training betreden ze op 16 januari voor het eerst het podium: the voice of young literary Europe!


Over the course of a week, prominent professionals from across Europe will offer the literary talents a 360° view of the fascinating world of literature through workshops and presentations. The various meetings constitute a fertile ground for new partnerships and future projects.


On 16 January the young talents will take to the stage for the first time. Not only writers and translators of CELA will show what they can do. Six emerging literary professionals will put together a creative and challenging programme for you. Discover names you may not yet know today, but will undoubtedly come across again in the future.

Dit event is gratis, voertaal is Engels. 


Connecting emerging literary artists

Since 2017 deBuren has been a member of Connecting Emerging Literary Artists (CELA), a European network that gives emerging literary talent the chance to refine their skills and develop a network. The only one of its kind in Europe, it brings together 30 emerging authors, 80  emerging translators and 6 emerging literary professionals to show the potential of literature to connect people, to offer a bigger opportunity to small languages and to drive change. Together the participants tackle some of the challenging realities of our age – from increasingly sharp divisions within Europe to a changing book publishing industry – and place them in perspective, share their work, and bridge the gaps between each other, the publishing industry and the European public.



Literatuur & taal

Dit evenement vond plaats op donderdag 16 januari 2020

KVS, Arduinkaai 7, Brussel

Vertel het verder:
Uitverkocht! donderdag 16 januari 2020 20:00 - 21:30