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Voice Male

Statements on masculinity by James Lórien McDonald, Jaouad Alloul, Eric Cyuzuzo, Gijs Hablous, Jihan Imago and Floyd Ohno

RE/defining Masculinities is a festival on masculinity from a cross-cultural and intersectional perspective. During Voice Male we will give the stage to authors, performers, stand-up artists and (slam) poets whom will share their vision on masculinity.


The only restriction is time: each speaker gets 10 minutes. We give the stage to stand-up artist James Lórien McDonald, performer and musician Jaouad Alloul , activist Eric Cyuzuzo, author & political scientist Gijs Hablous and visual artist and Trans* activist Jihan Imago. Jad Zeitouni (Emancipator and Flemish Youth Counsil) will be the host of the evening.


We will leave the last slot open for the winner of an open call. The winner is stand-up artist Floyd Ohno.


Jury of the open call: Jad Zeitouni (Emancipator and Flemish Youth Council), singer-songwriter Bryan Mugande, Mathieu Buyse (deBuren), Malin Bergstöm (Finnish Cultural Institute) and Tom Bonte (Beursschouwburg).


Voice Male


Het RE/defining Masculinities Festival is een vierdaags festival over mannelijkheid vanuit een cross-disciplinair perspectief en een intersectioneel oogpunt.


Performers, stand-up artiesten en slam poets krijgen tien minuten het podium om in een zelf gekozen vorm hun visie te geven op het thema van het festival: RE/defining masculinities. We geven de microfoon aan stand-up artiest James Lórien MacDonald, performer en muzikant Jaouad Alloul, LGBTQIA+ activist Eric Cyuzuzo, auteur & politicoloog Gijs Hablous en beeldend kunstenaar & Trans* activist Jihan Imago (Rainbow Nation Brussels). Jad Zeitouni (Emancipator en de Vlaamse Jeugdraad) is de presentator van dienst.


We houden het laatste slot van deze Voice Male open voor de winnaar van een open oproep. De winnaar is stand-up artiest Floyd Ohno.


In de jury: Jad Zeitouni (Emancipator en de Vlaamse Jeugdraad), singer-songwriter Bryan Mugande, Mathieu Buyse (deBuren), Malin Bergstöm (Finnish Cultural Institute) and Tom Bonte (Beursschouwburg).


Tickets: free, reservation recommended

© Juha Hanhinen

James Lórien MacDonald (performer)

James Lórien MacDonald is a queer, trans and Canadian comedian based in Helsinki. In his stand-up he takes on as many aspects of gender as will fit in his chaotic, mesmerising brain. He's used comedy as a sounding board for exploring transition, questioning reality, dismantling prejudices, and telling really naughty stories. From the joys of fake-it-till-you-make-it masculinity, to the things you can (or should never) do with a detachable penis, expect a load of stories so hilarious they simply must be true.

Jaouad Alloul (performer)

Jaouad Alloul is a Moroccan Belgian singer, performer & LGTB activist. Jaouads mission is to connect people through the arts & dialogue. Being a former pastry chef, drag-artist and ​The Voice of Flanders semi-finalist, he is currently working on his first album #MESSIAS. Jaoual is currently touring Flemish and Brussels schools with his monologue Zeemeermin (Mermaid). With this play he wants to give a voice to students struggling with their identity and to raise awareness for LGTBQ rights in Islam. He is also part of the Man Squad, an Dutch-Flemish performance collective that combines interactive spoken word and performance in order to broaden the concept of masculinity.

Eric Cyuzuzo (speaker)

Eric Cyuzuzo is a thinker, a fighter, an interrogator in a perpetual learning process. His creativity expresses itself through imagining, building and organizing platforms that are going to showcase and elevate the narratives of Black people at the intersection of their multiple identities. He believes in in a dual approach : he has founded and works within grassroots organizations, and also currently works for several cultural organizations in Brussels.

Jihan Imago (speaker)

Jihan Imago is an activist visual artist, performer, author, coach, trainer and Trans* activist. Jihan is a transperson form France of Algerian descent. These traits have had an enormous impact on him, mainly due to the discrimination patterns these characteristics evoke in society and because of the complex situation when they magnify each other. Jihan strives towards social change by stimulating reflection through art and activist projects.  

Gijs Hablous (speaker)

Gijs Hablous works as a freelance writer for OneWorld on topics such as masculinity, homofobia and violance. He is an advocate for including men and masculinity in preventing sexual violence and he gives workshops on this subject for Emancipator. Hablous is also involved with the (theatre)collective Boys won´t be boys. At this moment Gijs Hablous is working on his PhD on (inter)national norms regarding intersex at the department of Political Science of Radboud University in Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

Floyd Ohno © Joëlle Lê

Floyd Ohno (performer)

Floyd Ohno was raised in the Middle East to Asian parents and he went to a Muslim school for boys. Only until he arrived in Belgium during his teens did he realize he had a lot of growing up to do. Going from a culture where conformity is key to one wherein expressing yourself is a right was not easy. In hindsight, nothing could be funnier than learning how to merge both worlds and poking fun at it helps him save up on having to go see a therapist.

Jad Amine Zeitouni (moderator)

Jad Amine Zeitouni is a Belgian law student and freelance consultant on diversity and inclusion with Lebanese and Moroccan roots. He´s a member of the Flemish Youth Council, Vice President for the Young Humanists International and he was part of the first generation of change makers for CHanGE (A campaign sexual health and gender equality by UCOS). Jad is an outspoken intersectional male feminist and he participated in a project of the VRT on that topic. He is a male role model against violence for Emancipator and he was director of multiple UN Women simulations from London to Ghent. Jad has also hosted and moderated an event on masculinity at VUB.

Organization: The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux, deBuren and Beursschouwburg
Politiek & samenleving

Dit evenement vond plaats op woensdag 27 november 2019

Beurscafé, Auguste Ortsstraat 20-28, Brussel

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