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Maxime Garcia Diaz: silicon chaos magic

In het kader van onze interactieve gespreksavond over valse informatie en samenzweringstheorieën in tijden van het internet, The trolls who cried wolf, schreef Maxime Garcia Diaz het gedicht silicon chaos magic.
Door Maxime Garcia Diaz op 5 apr 2022
Politiek & samenleving
Literatuur & taal
1917, Los Angeles, California. Lockheed Employment. A worried applicant waiting to be interviewed.

silicon chaos magic

The first step is accurately naming the demons.


at night the border between my bodies

is wafer-thin and i can’t walk alone

in deserted areas, something will find me




           you will own nothing and you will be happy


hillary wakes up and takes a shot

of adrenochrome. this is a darkness

or several darknesses she performs

a series of comforting rituals this is

how she keeps herself afloat in a

human body or something like it




if you are sick it means that your body is sick

of being a body     at night i feel the moods shifting

like changes in the light     sometimes the edge is far

but sometimes


        a chemical element with the symbol Si

        and atomic number 14

        a hard, brittle crystalline solid


such lucrative anarchism in the valley

they dared to bite the apple, hunt the ungodly

information, colonize mercury and climb

the piles of bodies, scrape empty the sky


it comes for the scent of weed like dogs

for bacon     i left a body somewhere near the beach,

i don’t have so many left now     the border

i inherited it from my sister

in our old house in amsterdam there was a woman

cleopatra-like     who walked the hallway at night

with a small black disc embedded

between her shoulder blades

and that’s how you knew she was evil

i feel like i’m going to throw up


this is an omega epistemology

this is a bitch demon

i have followed the scent of


& my own second-hand scared


           while you have been hallucinating i have been fantasizing




           (and what if there is nothing


i want to be alone in this poem


           (but what if there is nothing





(and what if there is nothing

once you walk off the edge

of the earth & the poison

is water & the pizza parlors

have no basement what if

there’s no bottom to fall out of the

world villains’ faces dead & empty

& innocent as animals & they

have no grand alchemy

a terrible cruel world

hopelessly round

no edge to hold onto)


Traditionally, Aquarius is associated with electricity, computers, flight, democracy, freedom, humanitarianism, idealism, modernization, astrology, nervous disorders, rebellion, nonconformity, philanthropy, veracity, perseverance, humanity, and irresolution.



the throbbing heart of the constellation

the heart that doesn't exist

i wrap my hands around the heart

and it shatters into fragments

smaller bloodier hearts


          honestly not saying this in the meme way,

          but all them deserve to go to jail

          i used to be a member of a message board

          around the turn of the century




mercury and the making of california

god of commerce, god of messages

you slice into a planet and a toxic metal

spills out: silvery & liquid, burning

& crackling with secrets, covert beauty

destabilised regimes & easy fantasy

communication is the sister of divination

we considered ourselves to be a powerful culture

sending this message was important to us

this message is a warning about danger


        body in coma and riding on beasts

        take your pills with hot liquids

        the moon wants to kill you


what if we kissed in the age of aquarius

meet me on the corner of the deep state and the dark web

meet me on the corner of lemuria and the millennial kingdom

i want my odic force back

i want to live like a fiend

i want to eat animal protein

and live in total chaos




the heart of discourse

the mythic center of the network

this cesspool — how to map it


within chaos magic a servitor is a psychological complex

deliberately created by the magician for a specific purpose

that appears to operate autonomously from the magician’s consciousness:

i.e. as if it were an independently existing being


        did britney spears send out a coded message about mind control?

        did grimes predict covid, vaccines and war back in 2019?


I am seventeen years old and learning to read symbols. Lady Gaga on a black and white checkered floor, the covered eye — you cut into everyday life and the occult leaks out, and everything seems a little more exciting, doesn’t it? I smoke weed and read articles. I am a vigilant citizen. I am lost in arcane clouds. I am learning how to

do close reading and formal analysis, which I will later apply during a cultural studies bachelor’s degree. I am daydreaming about MK Ultra. You cut into life and find celluloid. Oh, I never believed it. Not really. But it sure was fun for a while. Like there was a secret to be told. Oh, there are at least five people living in my head, and

they’re all gangstalking me from the inside, and I want all of this to mean something instead of just being randomly terrible. You know?


          This world is wicked and upside down.

          They are going down fast and they know it —

          the great cleansing of the world is at hand.

          Maybe their plan is secure and about to end

          or take a next step. They feel in power for sure.

          Is it because pigs are said to be

          biologically close to humans?

          Already some people look like monsters.

          He’s either a demon or has a legion of demons

          in him. Buckle up, Jesus is coming!


a chemical element with the symbol Hg

and atomic number 80

commonly known as quicksilver

the only metallic element that is liquid

at standard conditions for temperature

and pressure


my sister is made of information

and when she is fearful she sees information projected onto the walls

flickering signifiers, horror movies, invertebrate myths

the information solidifies and takes monstrous form,

the information and the alien queens conspire

to create ancient, ancient geometries — the ascended masters

assemble, the skyscrapers swarm, baby don’t you know

i’m an ancient astronaut and i spill my own angelic blood

like water, let’s wage war on the high capital of hell

this is information that has grown human skin and experiences

the tranquility of a tight hug, this is the story of the spine

and the invertebrate myth, the story of a girl

who is made of information and keeps asking

when she’ll finally get a body

i feel like i’m going to throw up

if i do there will be small black

seeds in the vomit and those i will

plant & then something will find me

in a dream if you are being chased

the trick is to kill yourself

as soon as possible

move fast and break the world

the bones of the dead come out of their graves

all men die, the earth burns with water

none of this is true but all of it is beautiful

you will know nothing and you will be happy

        hillary wakes up, and

        wakes up again, and

        wakes up again, and

        wakes up again. in the distance

        she hears the gorging of the tribunal,

        the firing squad.

I am not alone here.

I am never alone.

There is something else here.

I hope there is something else here.

I want to be kept company

by the conspiracies.

The sky is too vast and empty

otherwise. I stare

at its blank face

and begin to write on it.

© Marianne Hommersom

Maxime Garcia Diaz

Maxime Garcia Diaz is dichter en woont in Amsterdam. In 2018 tourde ze door Nederland en Vlaanderen met de Poëziebus en in 2019 won ze het NK Poetry Slam. Dat jaar ging ze ook mee op schrijfresidentie naar Parijs met deBuren. Ze schrijft over het internet, lichamen, insecten, en verdrietige meisjes als verzetsstrijders. Meer van haar werk is hier te vinden.

In het kader van onze interactieve gespreksavond over valse informatie en samenzweringstheorieën in tijden van het internet, The trolls who cried wolf, schreef Maxime Garcia Diaz het gedicht silicon chaos magic. 

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