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What to do with female nudity in art museums after #metoo? With Ciska Hoet

#metoo propelled the Western art world to rethink the way it approaches the depiction of women and the aesthetic of the male artist and his gaze. How should we handle female nudity in art museums from now on? Co-director of RoSa, Ciska Hoet explains.
Door deBuren op 1 jun 2021
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Ciska Hoet

Ciska Hoet is co-director of RoSa, a knowledge centre for gender and feminism in Brussels. She is one of the core editors of Ecetera and a cultural journalist at De Morgen. She is also active in the citizen movement ‘Hart Boven Hard’. Until 2016 she worked as a journalist and coordinator at She studied Language and Literature and Theater Studies.

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