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Where do all the exotic ring-necked parakeets in Brussels come from?

The Brussels-Capital Region has seen a rising number of exotic ring-necked parakeets in the city, currently estimated at around 12,000. But Brussels is not the only city in the Low Countries where the numbers of these bird species has increased over the last couple of years. Brussels Explained with Camilla Dreef.
Door Camilla Dreef op 27 nov 2020
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Brussels Explained

Where do these parakeets come from and what is their natural habitat? How do they live and why do they prefer cities? Do they have enemies and are these parakeets a threat to indigenous birds? A presentation by Dutch ornithologist Camilla Dreef.



Brussels Explained

deBuren, Curieus and The Bulletin joined hands with journalist Selma Franssen to organize an English edition of ´Moeilijke Dingen Makkelijk Uitgelegd´ with a focus on Brussels. And in these times of social distancing we can fortunately also circulate knowledge online. 

Camilla Dreef

Camilla Dreef is an ecologist, ornithologist and ambassador of the Society for the protection of Birds in the Netherlands. Apart from her research, she is also a frequent guest on the Dutch public television and radio. She published her first (children´s) book Kwie-kwie-kwie-kwie-kwie in 2018, a book on personal stories about birdwatching, her academic research and bird protection. One of the personal stories included in the book, is about her childhood love for the ring-necked parrakeet.

Organisation: deBuren, Curieus, The Bulletin, Selma Franssen and Yelena Schmitz.
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